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Consignment Agreement
1.  Items for consignment will be accepted in the shop Monday – Saturday,
10:00 – 5:00 p.m. (by appointment)
2.  All items must be in saleable condition.  Clothing must be brought in on hangers freshly washed or dry cleaned. In addition, all clothing must be free of stains, tears, alterations, smoke, mothball odor, and pet hair.  Please check items thoroughly prior to bringing them in.  Items that are discovered to be damaged or flawed after initial inspection and acceptance will be sold at a discount or donated to charity.  Please note that we do not contact you in the event this occurs, so please look your clothes over carefully.  Clothing that has been bought in the last 2 years sell best.  In addition, if you would like your hangers returned to you, please feel free to change out the hangers when you drop off your clothes.
3.  Déjà Vu personnel will determine the selling price of each item.  The consignment period is 60 days.  Any items not sold after 20 days will have the original price reduced by 20%.  An additional 20% will reduce the price if unsold after 40 days and 60 days.  Déjà Vu reserves the right to discount merchandise during sales events.   
4.  Déjà Vu will maintain a current account of the items sold.  Consignors receive 50% of the selling price.  Consignors may pick up money between the 15 and 30 of the month following the expiration of their 60 day consignment period.  Payments will be made on weekdays only, NO SATURDAYS, unless prior arrangements have been made. For accounting purposes we ask that consignors pick up all payments within one (1) yearPayments that have not been picked up by consignors within one (1) year of the completed sale will become the property of Déjà Vu and donated to charity.  
5. If the consignor would like their items returned to them, the consignor must pull their own items from the sales floor within 10 days following the expiration of the consignment agreement.  Please note that this process can be time consuming, so please allow yourself plenty of time.  After 10 days the consignor gives up all rights of ownership to Déjà Vu.   No reminders will be given.  If a consignor elects to pull their clothes, items must be returned to the desk to remove tags and return hangers.  Items will then be folded and returned.  If you would like your items to remain on hangers, please bring your own from home.  If you would like your items pulled for you, 48 hour notice is required and a $.50 per item charge (not to exceed $25.00) will be deducted from your account.  Occasionally, items do get misplaced throughout the store.  Déjà Vu will make every effort to locate misplaced items.  However, Déjà Vu is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.  If a situation arises where an item cannot be found, that item will be considered donated and the consignor can take the tax deduction. 
6.  An early pick fee of $1.00 will be accessed for each item picked up prior to the expiration of the consignment period.  Please understand that it takes time to properly prepare your items to sell.
7.  Déjà Vu is not responsible for theft, damage, fire, or loss.
8.  An annual consignment fee of $6.00 will be assessed to each consignor, regardless of the number of items consigned.
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